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TERMOMONTAŽA S.C. assembling:

  • All types of central-heating installations, boiler rooms, heat-exchange stations
  • All types of heating conduit, hot-water conduit, steam conduit, gas conduit etc
  • Gas installation plants, pump stations, welding works
  • All kind of piping and locksmith works on construction as well as on repair of thermo power plants
  • Refrigerating (cooling) system plants, for room air-conditioning
  • Compressor stations and air-compressed pipeline distribution
  • Manufacturing of pressure vessels and fuel tanks
  • nstallation plants of air-heating and air-conditioning in buildings of various purpose (such as stores, hospitals, hotels, sport halls, factory halls (workshops), schools, cinemas, swimming pools, etc
  • Industrial systems of air-exhausting and saw-dust pneumatic transport, as well as transport of other lumber industry refuse
  • Repair and maintenance of all installation types
  • Manufacturing of thermal and sound insulation of thermal installation plants
  • Automatic regulated thermal systems assembling and service

Besides all the above mentioned, we have been conducting works, on some significant construction projects abroad, independently, or together in cooperation with other large companies from former Yugoslavia.

Our Company was involved in assembling of thermal installation plants in almost all (large) significant structures located in our area, such as hotels, sport halls, hospitals, schools, district heating etc.

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